Valentine’s Day: More Than A Holiday; A Juicy Trade

February 14th is the feast of Valentine’s Day or lovers.

Indeed, Valentine’s Day is an event that arouses a lot of passion. Hence the question, what impact does it have on households and businesses? It may seem a little fuzzy to you. So let me bring some light into your shadowy area. Let’s take a trip back in time.

Beware! If you read it through to the end, you’ll get a bonus.

The origin of Valentine’s Day

February 14th is the feast of Valentine’s Day or lovers. So why February 14th and also who was this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine was a Roman who lived in the 3rd century under the reign of Emperor Claudius II. This emperor led military campaigns in the 4 corners of the empire. And he had great difficulty recruiting and motivating soldiers. He thought it was probably because of their homes, their wives, their children. So he decided to ban marriages altogether.

However, despite this order, a priest continued to perform marriages. It was our Valentine. When the emperor knew this, he immediately had him arrested and sentenced to death. While he was in prison, Valentine met his guard’s daughter. A blind girl! The most remarkable thing is that the story tells that just before he was beheaded. He restored her sight by sending her a little note signed “TON VALENTIN”. A beautiful story isn’t it?.

Well, unfortunately rather a legend. Because in fact we know nothing about the life of this Valentine’s Day. Moreover, in 498 the Pope decided to fix Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

Now that you know the probable origin of Valentine’s Day, let’s explore together the commercial context of this holiday.

The Impact of Valentine’s Day in Our Modern Society

As you know, this festival has a considerable impact on everyone’s life, at least. It’s a party for lovers, of course, but it has become very commercial these days. So much the better!

Moreover, this festival allows a couple to reconnect with each other. Insofar as, there is an infusion of gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts? Personally, I love gifts.

You’re probably wondering how long it’s been celebrated by robbing stores and everything. According to history, it has been marketed since the 19th and 20th century. Likewise, as well as companies producing greeting cards, lingerie, jewelry etc..

Every Valentine’s Day, 1 billion greeting cards are sent around the world. And this just during Valentine’s Day. Only the Christmas holiday is better.

However, companies invest huge sums of money in advertising. So it is normal that they get a return on their investment. So, if from February 10th you feel crowded with advertising on this event, understand that it is part of a marketing strategy.

Remember this article. Prepare yourself well because this February 14th will be an explosion rich in emotion. Now we’ve come to the end, as expected here is your bonus.



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